Single Spotlight: Mangoseed – Alternative Facts

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With all the countless genre mashing and fusing that takes place each year in the music industry it’s very hard to find anything that truly surprises, that is truly ‘novel’. Mangoseed is a collective that pays no attention to such limitations and, instead, prefers to break them. Neatly carving their way between the worlds of rock, ska, funk, punk and jungle music, with dashes of colour from numerous cultures from Trinidadian to Irish, the band has produced a wonder to behold in the form of their lead single ‘Alternative Facts’ from latest LP ‘Dreamers’.

As a general overview, ‘Alternative Facts’ acts as a fantastic introductory handshake to the remainder of the record’s 11 tracks with an enigmatic and dark soundscape replete with punchy bass assaults and reggae-styled vocals whilst delivering the band’s political undertones through their voice box of Nicholai La Barrie.

Moments like the track’s intro, which wastes no time in setting the tone for this gritty-yet-funky banger, or the electronic breakdown that shatters the groove of the track’s latter stages really cement the track in both long and short term memory for an experience that refuses to be forgotten.

The maturity evident in the band’s songwriting and the diversity that punctuates it is indicative of the band’s own diverse makeup with each member’s occupational status being just that varied. Nicholai works as the Hammersmith Theatre’s Resident Director, guitarist/vocalist Karlos Coleman doubles as a Court Clerk, drummer Sam Campbell works as a Studio manager whilst bassist Richard Hardy dabbled as a parkour mentor. It comes as no surprise, then, as to how a track like ‘Alternative Facts’ is grand example of originality.

This track serves as the deserving gateway to the rest of Dreamers’ eclectic numbers and, for anyone oblivious to Mangoseed’s fine work, a worthy first impression for all. If you look out for one band in the future, make it these guys.

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From struggles to successes, JayQ The Legend’s life story is like no other

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JayQ is a familiar face on the Pop Playlister platform. A talented artist whose recent release and song of the summer Amazing Girl stormed through the charts.

But behind the success is a story of struggle, hardship and trauma. A story JayQ is finally ready to tell.

Abused as a young child by his Step-father, music became JayQ’s only escape from the world around him. Putting pen to paper to express the pain no child should have to experience, he explains-

“Songs were a place for me to escape. Hiding in my room and getting lost in a verse was my safe place. I would write and write songs, hoping not to be found. I lived with just my mother and stepfather during these years of beatings.

The rest of my family, my father and grandparents were in the British Virgin Islands far away from St. Croix. The trauma physical abuse leaves on a child is unforgivable. When a man is violent to his family, he passes down a legacy of insecurity and anger. How does one enter manhood and climb out of this?”

Fortunately, JayQ was able to escape the abuse, but after the murder of his father JayQ’s world was understandably turned upside down once again.

In college, but unable to focus in a world that was spiralling out of control, JayQ was fighting against the odds.

“It was too much, home was still not safe, and college was not far enough away from my mother’s voice on the phone sharing her pain. However, always inside me was that will, the will to survive and be successful… to overcome my history. It took so much energy and fight, but I was determined to beat the odds. 

I decided I had to learn to fight, so I signed up on the college campus to become a military solider. I would go on to be a platoon leader in marines training, get my college degree, as well as an MBA and JD.  Finally, my stepfather passed away, but I still had to fix what he broke inside me – I was lucky to have my creative gifts to escape with during my darkest moments, because I am not sure I would have had been able to overcome the years of trauma otherwise.”

An inspiring tale of overcoming trauma, defying odds and achieving a wealth of success.

Yet this was not the end of the story for JayQ. Having fought his way through a childhood of trauma, adulthood had yet more challenge in store for him.

Facing a different kind of evil as he tried to make his way in the world, JayQ explains-

“Unfortunately, well into my adulthood, the abuse did not end. I was subject to another kind of abuse, institutionalised racism as a professional in the American south. 

It was awful to be held to a different standard than the privileged, less qualified and competent than me.  Black men had to be better than everyone to be seen.

That is another story, not a pretty picture of living in America. The United States of America is currently struggling to uncover the truth and impact of racism and move forward with enlightenment and compassion.”

Somehow JayQ remained inspired, creative and positive. Persevering through numerous challenges, defying all odds and putting out music into the world that is positive and up-lifting.

Life has tried to sour JayQ, but the incredible artist remains positive. Music has been a shining light through the darkness and his story is truly inspirational.

A star on the rise, JayQ The Legend deserves all the success the world can provide.

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

Neo Soul Sensation Lateefah Reveals ‘This is Who I Am’


A fresh beat from the Soul Singer set to make a second music hit!



Listen to ‘This is Who I Am’ here:

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Aysha Loren – ‘Keep It Like It Is’


A pop-reggae fusion makes this track perfect for sitting back and relaxing in the sunshine. It’s not hard to picture yourself on a hot beach in the Caribbean, sipping Pina Coladas with this song as the soundtracks. Aysha Loren’s soulful vocals make this all the more exotic. Great job.




Love, Susie and Chanel xxx