The Work Of David Hicks – Life Through A Lens


You might not be aware of the fascinating history behind the development of Tango music and dance in Argentina, but photographer David Hicks certainly is. David is an artist who has always been interested as much in the subjects of his work as in the stories behind those subjects. “I like wandering around towns and streets, marvelling about how we, human beings, live,” he says, a statement ably demonstrated in his wonderful pictures of tango players and dancers in the streets of  Buenos Aires, which you can see here,

If there is a common theme in David’s’ work, it is one of human connections and motivations. As David explains: “The Tango, a now-popular dance between a man and a woman, started in it’s current form in the mid 1800s, after a massive migration to Argentina, mostly by men. Because men outnumbered women by quite some number, the only way for a man to get close to a woman was via a brothel or by dance. The men practiced together, as you’d have to be a great dancer to get a woman’s attention. So, this very sexual dance you see now, was born out of the reality for men in those old days. Nowadays, you see it performed often, usually on the street corners of Buenos Aires, with live musicians or a pre recorded soundtrack, and they do it for the tips!”.

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