Single Review: Love Is In The Air – Rachel Davie Lee


Not many would dare challenge the namesake of the John Paul Young classic, but in the case of rising R&B renegade Rachel Davie Lee there’s no doubt that there’s room for the two heavyweights to co-exist.

Unlike the piano-led belter that most will resonate such a name with, Rachel Davie Lee heads in a more stripped back direction, flirting with flattering electronics and soft, steady percussion for a more meditated interpretation of what a ‘banger’ can be.

With a background as a Compliance Officer and a family filled with industry professionals and entrepreneurs, the track is a well-needed respite for an artist in need of a creative outlet and Lee’s performance on ‘Love Is In The Air’ consequently pulls no punches. On the track’s hook, especially, the vocals take a new life as Lee’s delivery comes lurching through the speakers and filling the walls – it’s a spacious soundscape that does more than enough to highlight the artist’s standout vocals.

This, combined with the track’s smooth rhythms and good pacing, makes an indelible hit that is beyond a mere ‘good’ first impression. In fact, as the lead track from Lee’s debut EP ‘Barely Concealed’, you’d have to be a fool to not run the entire project cover to cover…multiple times. Most crucially, however, Lee established herself in the crowded R&B market, refusing to allow any influences to consume her own identity and, instead, carve out a well-deserved future within the industry.

‘Love Is In The Air’ is a sign of what is to come for this world-class wonder – put your ear to the floor and keep it there because great things are coming.

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