Fresh, fiery and fantastic- All the Fresh Hits you need to fill your weekend

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Happy Friday readers! We’re back to round off the week with a collection of stunning tracks that are HOT off the press.

With an insane number of great releases to choose from we were truly spoiled this week, and delighted to be sharing another Fresh Hit Radar lineup with you.

Let’s kick off with the wonderful Vicky Trantou and single All About Me. Smooth and sultry All About Me is an accomplished R&B track from the young songstress. Ethereal vocals, bouncing percussion and some gorgeous runs make for a stunning single from Vicky Trantou. All About Me comes off latest release and debut EP from Vicky titled ‘Seventeen’, a collection of four stunning tracks that establish Vicky as a rising star in UK R&B. Stream All About Me below-

Next up is Electro-Pop ballad I Can’t Get Away from Scottish artist Konner. Packed full of bright synth pads and Konner’s deeply rich vocals I Can’t Get Away is an ambient single. Melodic and glossy this track is true Synth-Pop brilliance. With just a hint of sorrow hidden behind those sparkling synths, don’t blame us when this track has you shedding a tear or two.

Third on the line-up are Sad-Pop masters Audrey’s Dance with emotive track ‘Internet Queen’. Heart-wrenching and icy, Internet Queen is a softly sad tune from the duo. Gentle vocals sit effortlessly over warm piano chords to create an atmospheric track. Moody and melancholy, Audrey’s Dance emanate a sad yet sweet tone, depressing yet heavenly they find a perfect musical blend between light and dark.

Next up it’s SoulClap with track Val, featuring Illa Jjo & Verb Turner. Soulful and grooving, Val is a kinetic and smooth Alt-Rap track from the talented trio. Packed full with witty bars, jazz influence and subtle bounce the track carries genuine flow and movement. Produced to perfection, Val is a faultless track. Listen to Val to add some groove to your weekend.

Happy Listening!

Written By: Jessica Rowe

Leoscappin to bring us stand-out EP ‘Alienated’

Hip Hop, New Music, New Release, Rap, UK Music

Fired up and ready to go, Surrey-based rapper Leoscappin is preparing the world for his latest release Alienated out on 5th February.

Triple-threat Leoscappin is a true creative; venturing into the world of acting, music and more, his talents truly know no bounds.

Benefitting from a worldly experience and perspective from his upbringing in Sao Paolo and his Japanese heritage, Leoscappin’s sound has a truly eclectic feel.

Leoscappin’s sound has a heavy American influence, fusing elements of Trap with a soothing style to create effortlessly smooth singles. Chill beats, witty word-smithery and an intriguing use of synth pads make for an accomplished lineup of tracks on the Alienated EP.

The Alienated EP is a call out for listeners to believe in themselves no matter how ostracised they may feel.

“I try to make all my songs have a different feeling and vibe. Some will make you think about your life, others are just for parties and some are just me trying to tell a story...

I usually have an idea as soon as I listen to the beat and will follow through with that for the whole song, meaning if I don’t vibe with the beat in the first few seconds I’ll just move on”.Leoscappin

Leoscappin’s EP ‘Alienated’ is set for release on 5th February.

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Melanie Masson brings us much needed feel-good single ‘Seasons’

female singer, New Music, New Release, Pop Music, Singer-Songwriter, Soul, UK Music

Songstress Melanie Masson has brought out a brand new single ‘Seasons’. The cheery track is a follow up to Melanie’s acclaimed debut track ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’.

The soulful single ‘Seasons’ is Melanie’s unique take on the classic hit Seasons (Waiting on You). Putting her own northern sultry spin on the track, Melanie has already received praise from the band themselves, with Bassist (William Cashion) calling her rendition a ‘beautiful version’.

We whole-heartedly agree. Melanie’s Seasons’ is a bouncy and light track, packed full of deeply soulful vocals and some ultra-punchy percussion.

“I loved the melody and lyrics to Seasons and really connected to it. It felt very reflective yet optimistic and that’s the mood I wanted to create for the video. I wanted to send out a positive message. It feels like we’re all in the same challenging situation right now.

We all have our struggles, our ups and down but there’s always hope. It’s about hanging on to what’s important, taking strength from that and holding onto the belief that better days are coming. It’s a message to everyone to hang on in there.”Melanie Masson

The track was once again produced by the talented Tristan Longworth, utilising a team of skilled live musicians to bring an authentic feel to the single.

The talented team behind the track perfectly compliment Melanie’s smooth vocals, packed full of power, emotion and feeling just like some of soul’s greatest voices of all time.

The accompanying video for ‘Seasons‘ is a flowing and free set of feel-good visuals. Light and Joyous, the ‘Seasons’ video sees Melanie moving through nature looking nothing short of glorious.

Watch the ‘Seasons’ video below-

The stunning video was directed by acclaimed Film and TV actress and director Simone Lahbib (currently a regular in Eastenders) and is certain to bring a smile to your face.

Glasgow-born Melanie grew up with performer parents; destined for a career in creativity she began singing in local venues from a young age.

The rest, as they say, is history. Melanie went on to train in Music and Drama at Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret University. Her eclectic career has seen her become a solo recording artist on EMI records, tour with the likes of Pink and Stereophonics and gain top 40 hits with groups WiFi as well as The Bassheads.

Melanie shows no sign of stopping, with her recent releases landing her firmly in the hearts of the British public.

Melanie Masson’s soulful style and emotive delivery bring a moving tone to everything she touches, truly turning tracks into gold.

With a bright personality and cheerful energy that is truly infectious, Melanie Masson is the soulful songstress the world desperately needs in these challenging times.

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Back and better than ever, it’s the very first Fresh Hit Radar lineup of 2021!

Acoustic, Alternative, Electronic, female singer, indie, New Music, New Release, pop, Pop Music, R&B, Rock 'N' Roll, Singer-Songwriter

Happy New Year one and all! We’re so excited to be back in the saddle and bringing you another instalment of our beloved Fresh Hit Radar.

We’ve line-up a few of the best tracks we’ve heard this week, bringing you nothing but tunes. Buckle up and let’s dive into the music!

First up it’s Pop Playlister’s fave Lohrd Snohw back with another single titled Call Me Deadly. This one comes in collaboration with fellow talent Kate Brunotts, and the two of them make for one hell of a duo. Haunting and atmospheric, this Alt-Pop single is packed full of intriguing synths, innovative percussion and icy lyricism. Curious yet wistful Call Me Deadly is a cinematic track from the duo, with glossy vocals and nimble runs we truly couldn’t wish for more. Listen Below.

Next up it’s Mattiechi with the aptly titled single ‘Smooth’. This grooving single is classic old-school R&B goodness, with an easy sitting beat some sultry vocals and understated harmonies. Mattiechi’s sound has an openly nostalgic feel, reminiscent of 90’s/00’s style R&B this track will take you back to your younger days. Laid back and peaceful Smooth is the definition of an easy listening tune, pop this one on your playlist and feel truly tranquil.

Next up is psych-rock single Cafe from band Bad Chemicals. Driving and heavy this track is back full of punchy drums, gritty guitars and impenetrable vocals. Gloomy instrumental with a strangely cheery vibe make for the perfect equilibrium between light and dark. This track will have you up and moving in no time.

Rounding off the list is a stunning single and music video from the talented Araya titled Color Palette. Vibrant and animated this single is full of bright guitars, smooth beats and some gooey vocals. Araya is an artist that transcends genre, bringing a curious yet polished sense of style to the scene. Color Palette is a feel good track, accompanied by a music video that is nothing but good vibes, take a look below.

Happy Listening!

Written By: Jessica Rowe

Packed full with fearless talent, Antonia Grace brings us stunning EP ‘London Grace’

Electronic, female singer, New Music, New Release, pop, Pop Music, Singer-Songwriter, UK Music

One of Pop’s most exciting young talents Antonia Grace is back with more stunning music.

Ten year old phenomenon Antonia Grace brings us her first ever EP titled London Grace. The five track wonder-project demonstrates Antonia’s diverse style, vocal ability and songwriting prowess well beyond her years.

Having already received radio play across the globe, and acquired celebrity fans such as Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan, Antonia is one of the youngest and most promising pop acts emerging on to the scene.

Latest release, London Grace, is Antonia’s biggest project to date. Astoundingly, every single track was written by Antonia herself, mixed by Marc Williams and produced by the talented Lemoyne ‘LA’ Smith.

Highlights from the London Grace project include Hideaway, a soft pop ballad full of bright guitars and Antonia’s purely brilliant vocals; Something He Said, a more electro infused track packed full of flowing synths, some driving electric guitars and a grooving beat; as well as Bad Story, a slightly darker Pop track with Antonia’s hauntingly beautiful vocals and some vivid story-telling. Overall, the debut album illustrates that Antonia is a versatile Pop talent who excels in many genres, styles and musicalities.

French-born and London-based, Antonia Grace is no stranger to stage and creativity, having ventured into musical theatre at the tender age of 5 and already performed in front of thousands.

Adaptable and multi-talented, songstress and actress Antonia Grace is full to the brim of creativity, talent and potential.

Recent ventures have seen Antonia Grace take vocal lessons from none other than Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode). Amazingly Depeche Mode are credited for inspiring the young Antonia to pursue music, having been taken to a gig at just seven years old that lit a fire in Antonia Grace to go out and make her own sound.

Exciting young talents such as Antonia Grace bring hope in dark times. Like a light shining through dark clouds, Antonia’s talent and potential is a true pleasure to watch blossom. We for one can’t wait to see what she does next.

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