New music Friday, it’s time for our Fresh Hit Radar

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It’s that time again where we share some of the very best new releases from this week. This collection of tracks comes from ALL genres and styles but with one thing in common, they’re all great tunes.

Let’s get into the Music!

First up it’s Scottish songstress Roma Rose with her track How to Feel. This slow Pop number is a truly feel good tune, easy synths and Roma Rose’s soft vocals create a pure sounding and smooth track. Rolling drums sit underneath Roma’s heavenly harmonies as she spills her honest lyricism. Play this one on a slow Sunday afternoon in the living room.

Next up we have itsreeves with track Left N Right. This talented artist creates ‘product without genre’, a true fusion of elements of Pop, Lo-Fi, R&B and more into a blend that’s smooth sultry and curious. Left N Right is a catchy number with itsreeves’ raw yet subtle vocal style reminiscent of talents such as Mac Miller. This track’s catchy beat and simply pure synths are a certified easy listen.

Next up it’s the ultra smooth Christine Nguyen with track Finding Happiness, feat. Jhalon. This track is pure R&B brilliance, bright guitars, sultry vocals and roomy drum pads. Christine Nguyen’s lyricism has a sad yet beautiful feel to it, an emotive songstress whose soft delivery flows like water. With a sound reminiscent of Jhene Aiko, Christine Nguyen brings talent and potential galore to the table. Listen Below.

The final addition to our Fresh Hit Radar this week is an ethereal electro track from Gefahrgeist titled Graceless. A little different to what you may be listening to but this track is executed excellently. Pure toned vocals, haunting harmonies and some picture perfect production make for a quality electro track from this Scottish duo. An easy feeling electro single that brings a relaxing feel to a typically hectic genre. Take a listen below.

Happy Listening folks!

Written By:Jessica Rowe

Full of wonder- Lohrd Snohw is our artist of the month

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The Pop Playlister team are excited to debut our latest feature, ‘Artist of the Month’, a space for us to share the very best talents we’ve discovered and put them on your radar. 

Our first Artist of the Month, and the best thing we’ve heard in July, is Lohrd Snohw. Now that name may sound familiar to our readers (and no we’re not talking Game Of Thrones), the talented Lohrd Snohw has made it onto more than one of our Fresh Music Friday playlists and has turned the Pop Playlister team into die hard fans. 

I was lucky enough to have a catch up with Lohrd Snohw (aka Cazzie) ahead of her latest release ‘Dogs’. Cazzie is a UK singer-songwriter whose childhood has taken her from the big smoke, all the way to rural midlands and beyond. Music has always formed an important part of Cazzie’s life, from writing her very first songs at just 11 to performing in local band scenes as a teenager, the 21 Year Old singer has a wealth of musical experience.

 Yet it is Cazzie’s recent releases that are the truest expression of her diverse artistry. Cazzie rightfully refuses to place herself and her music in a genre, an artist who draws inspiration and influence from far and wide; it is hard to box Lohrd Snohw in.

She describeS her music as deliberate, intentional and with purpose. Music with meaning, and a style that is truly authentic and raw. The words Art-Pop and Electro can be thrown around when discussing Lohrd Snohw’s artistry, but the best way to understand her genius is to listen to her music yourself. 

‘Dogs’ is Lohrd Snohw’s most recent release, an ethereal piece featuring Cazzie’s dreamy vocals and trippy electro inspired instrumental. Cazzie is full of originality and innovation, an artist not afraid to push the boundaries of sound and genre making her music truly new, fresh and exciting. It is artists like Lohrd Snohw that show most promise in what is undeniably an oversaturated musical market, Cazzie is a true stand out talent in our eyes. 

The rising star has an EP in the works, and plenty more musical genius to share with the world. The future is bright for Lohrd Snohw so watch this space. 

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Revamped and ready to go, Brite Spires bring us the futuristic song of the summer.

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Brite Spires are fired up and ready to go with their latest single ‘Youth Music Disco (2020 Version)’. Described as an electro-disco utopian dream, it comes as no surprise that Brite Spires have already received their accolades from BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 6.

Brite Spires combines the best musical talents from across the globe: Natalia Stark, singer, Russian born and Georgia raised, Fischer Luigi, bassist, hails from Italy and Drummer Cal Brumhead and Guitarist Drew Atkins are a pair of Oxfordshire natives currently residing in London.

‘Youth Music Disco (2020)’ is the debut for Brite Spire’s new singer Natalia Stark, making them a female fronted, electro infused, indie-pop band. Filled with elements of the Synth Pop sound of the 80s and 90s ‘Youth Music Disco (2020)’ is a lush, melodic and bouncy track.

The international electro-disco dream team have a distinct sound, combining their individual musical influences into a powerhouse of indie-pop disco beats, paired with irresistible songwriting.

‘Youth Music Disco (2020)’ is a synth filled song for the summer. With a female at the front of the helm, Brite Spires are destined for greatness.

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Experience dreamlike sensation to ‘The Power of Nightmares’

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Genre-trashing duo ANDRENACHROME are returning for the release of highly anticipated new single ‘The Power of Nightmares‘ on the 25th of October. The single encapsulates everything that the duo are about, providing the listener with philosophical and thought-provoking lyrics matched with a dreamy ambience, it is REM sleep in music form.


Based in Lincoln, UK and veterans of both the Manchester scene of the late 1990’s and the Acid House party scene, before ANDRENACHROME their personal musical endeavours received praise and features on national Radio 1.

Watch ‘The Power of Nightmares’ lyric video

Now working together after going their separate ways the duo reemerge refreshed and inspired, maintaining their DIY punk ethic and non-conformist approach but adding to their guitar-based armoury a battery of ambient and electronic warheads and syncopated beats.

The single is the first to be released from the upcoming debut album titled ‘Here on Earth’, which includes 11 original tracks. As sampled in the artwork for ‘The Power of Nightmares’, the duo don’t hold back when it comes to societal commentary and giving the listener an opportunity to reflect on life today. The artwork for each track features the backdrop of the Notes app on iPhone, remarking on how in today’s world we live on our phones.

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