Fill your boots with some new music from our Fresh Hit radar!

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How do the weeks fly by so fast? We’re once again back to share some great new music with the world.

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First up it’s Roveena with her power ballad Fly. This smooth yet atmospheric track is pure soulful pop brilliance. With huge vocals, haunting harmonies and soft piano Fly will have you feeling unstoppable. Fly is a cinematic soundscape you won’t want to miss, get ready to be motivated and ready to take on the world after a listen.

Switching it up it’s In The Forest with their Indie-folk track On the Run. This four piece acoustic band harmonises effortlessly to create a vocal blend that is naturally beautiful and purely instinctive. On the Run will have you feeling free as a bird, and ultra relaxed on your weekend. Listen below.

Tacking it up a notch it’s Four Crooks with their stand-out single Black Magic. This track is a driving yet grooving indie-rock track from the four piece. Deep vocals, gritty guitars and a rocking beat leaves us wanting more from this talented foursome. Listen below-

Switching it up for the final track by bringing you a stunning video! These Streets is an accomplished Pop-Rock from Killing Kenny. Accompanied by an emotive and powerful video These Streets is a heartwarming track to soundtrack your weekend. As the UK goes back into lockdown for a second time, Killing Kenny is back to lift our spirits and warm our hearts.

Happy Listening!

Written By: Jessica Rowe

TGIF- Pop Playlister’s Fresh Music Playlist

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We’re back with another Fresh Music Playlist, a curation of some of the best songs we’ve heard this week that we know you’re going to love. 

First up it’s Hollin Kings with 2020 single Hold On, a driving Rock and Roll track that has brought the Ohio rockers to our attention. Hollin Kings have such a classic, authentic sound, with heavy guitars, punchy drums and vocals that ride the instrumentals with ease, rasp and power. Their talent and musical prowess is evident, showing genuine skill, musicality and a rawness that much music has lost. Clean, driving and powerful, Hold On is the kind of single you’re desperate to see played loud and live on stage. 

Next up a track to slow it down and soundtrack a slow Sunday. Waves by Ellis Johnson is a soulful ballad from the Mancunian singer songwriter. Sultry and acoustic, Ellis’ vocals have a pure and easy tone that you want to hear on repeat. A track full of subtle passion and emotion Ellis Johnson has the potential to follow in the acoustic pop footsteps of stars such as Ed Sheeran and James Arthur. 

Our third addition is Lola Young’s smooth and soulful None For You. At just 19 years old Lola Young possesses immense talent in both vocal style, lyricism and spirit. Tipped to be next up in the UK scene it is not hard to see why. The track is full of attitude, presented in the smoothest of manners with Lola’s luscious vocals sitting over smooth piano chords. Lola Young’s potential is palpable.

Shanay Shah’s You Found Me is the next feature on our Fresh Music playlist. Shanay is talent hailing from Mumbai, a multilingual talent who brings a truly refreshing sound to the pop genre. You Found Me features catchy melodies and fuses both an acoustic and electro influence to create a perfect balance between the two. You Found Me has a warm summer vibe, immense commercial potential and demonstrates Shanay Shah’s destiny for pop stardom.

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Fresh Music Friday Playlist- Let us create the soundtrack to your weekend

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It’s time for the Pop Playlister team to share our ‘Fresh Music Friday’ playlist, a collection of the best tracks we’ve found this week that you need to hear. The perfect way to end your working week and get the weekend started.

First up is Lohrd Snohw, with her track ‘I Don’t Know’. A soulful ballad featuring Lohrd’s truly mesmerising vocals. The UK based singer-songwriter creates powerful and emotive tracks, an independent musician full of raw talent and prowess. With musical elements reminiscent of indie, electro-pop and R&B Lohrd Snohw is a diverse talent and definitely one-to-watch for 2020.

Next is the punchy new single ‘Please’ from Foust. A guitar driven, rock infused track to get you pumped and ready for the weekend. ‘Please’ is a powerful first release for new band Foust, who formed in 2019 to combine their high energy, talent and unpredictability into an unstoppable force. With all the best elements of classic Rock, meshed together with modern influence, and some cracking falsetto Foust have given us one of the best rock releases this year so far.

Thirdly comes Grace Can’t Play Guitar, with tune ‘Narcotica’. This band oozes their Britishness, reminiscent of Brit-Pop’s glory days and bringing those warm nostalgic feelings. Grace Can’t Play Guitar conform to no genre, priding themselves on their fusion style and diverse influences. A feel good, easy listening tune to pop on your playlist.

Next we have Quincy with ‘No Stress’, a grooving R&B track with elements of Soul and Pop. Quincy is descendent from musical greatness, the biological son of Al B. Sure! And godson of Quincy Jones. Since 2015 Quincy has collaborated with stars including Tyga, French Montana and G-Eazy. ‘No Stress’ is a solo track for Quincy, demonstrating his talent and potential as a star in his own right. 

Happy Listening!

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Reported By: Jessica Rowe

EP Review: Luna Blue Debut ‘Nightjar’ With Single ‘Borrowed Words’.

Alternative, funk, indie, Rock


Brighton based band ‘Luna Blue’ have brought to all of us a brand new 6 track EP, funk mixed with rock, mixed with indie, what’s not to like?!

The boys from ‘Luna Blue’ are breaking into the Indie-Funk scene, and they have the arsenal of a blinding 6 track EP to show what they’ve got. Recently being picked up from management agency ‘New Legends’. 

With the release of new EP ‘Nightjar‘, the band are touring and playing live gigs to promote both EP and single, ‘Borrowed Words’.

The start of this Funk-indie fusion project, starts with a sleek and groovy intro ‘Checkmate‘. This is a strong opener, that makes the intentions of the band clear, and really proves that ‘Luna Blue’ have the ability to get you hyped as well as calm the soul. As ‘Checkmate’ ends, the single for the EP, ‘Borrowed Words’ bursts on and you know that the party is really starting. For the follow up, ‘Float Away’, sweetly helps you slip deeply into the sounds of clean guitars fused with Hendrix styled solo’s and melodic riffs and notes from both vocalist ‘Tom High’ and guitarist ‘Ryan Wellman’

Track 4, ‘Take What You Get’ brings the beat up and gets you back on the roll. Reverb on guitars, pounding vocals and punchy drum fills, are what this song brings you, in full force. Easily the dreamiest tune, ‘Welcome Home Master’ has a relaxing and weightless feel, inspired by 1975 styled soft anthems and successful in putting your mind into a sublime state. As the finisher ‘Nightjar’ is the last track, which leaves you in a positive mental state, through its intro which is heavily revolved around drum rolls brought by ‘Seb Bowen’, soft yet emotional bass lines from ‘Nick Davie’ as well as palm muted guitar, the rest of this piece has a 70’s psychedelic feel. This song is a carefully picked and diverse send off for this well-rounded debut EP.


Luna Blue Website:



‘No Life On Mars’ by Feline and Strange

Alternative, Electronic, Punk, Rock

If you like your music full of different genres all mixed up in a blender, then look no further than German duo Feline and Strange who combine elements of the operatic with dark alternative electronica and cabaret stylings – arguably, there’s a bit of rock in there too.

Such is the eclectic style of the pair who are evident boundary pushers when it comes to creating music- you can watch the video for ‘No Life On Mars’ here, but Feline and Strange are also releasing a new video for ‘City By The Sea’ on 7th July!


‘Land of Hope’ by Beldon Haigh

Rock, Uncategorized

Check out the latest track from protest singer-songwriter, Beldon Haigh, who has returned with ‘Land of Hope’; a song about the world’s current refugee crisis.

With a moving and touching video featuring footage from across the globe relating to the crisis, this is the kind of video that’ll have people getting themselves involved in making a difference, and this is exactly what Beldon aims to do.

All proceeds from the track will be donated to IndiGo volutneers who are helping in the effort providing services to the aid agencies in direct contact with the refugee crisis.

Find out more on Beldon Haigh here:


It’s nearly Christmas! Celebrate with Jon Mcdevitt’s festive jingle ‘Father Christmas’

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We love this new seasonal single from sussex-based songwriter, Jon McDevitt. The tune is great easy listening, and really infectious. The thoughtful lyrics by co-writer Dominic Hudson paint Father Christmas as a figure missing from Christmas, whilst allowing the listener to interpret it as to how or why.

 From creating the theme tune to the Channel 5 series ‘A Different Life’ to selling 2000 unsigned albums with his original band Geist, McDevitt isn’t a complete stranger to the music industry. His bad consists of multiple talented musicians such as violinist Anna Jenkins who has worked with the likes of Emily Barker, The Unthanks and Frank Turner when he opened the 2012 Olympics.

Connect with Jon McDevitt here: 




Tuffet Bunnies releases explosive debut EP ‘Love Songs For Scarlett’

Folk, Rock

Tuffet Bunnies releases an explosion of folk-rock songs titled ‘Love Songs For Scarlett’. The musician behind the EP, Clem Darling, has written the 4 tracks as a way to express his love to his circus performer girlfriend Scarlett. Each track explains the magical feeling of being in love, leading to highly emotive lyrics. Darling’s number one fan, his holocaust survivor Grandmother, sadly passed away recently but Tuffet Bunnies continues to share the love through his debut EP.

Listen to ‘Everyday’ here:


Spectacular new single from Goldsands

indie, pop, Rock

goldsands-a-place-far-away-promo1Fans of Coldplay and Radiohead should definitely check out this emotional and shiny new pop/rock hybrid from Goldsands. It starts off soft and slowly builds around some gorgeous chords, vocalist Matt offering some soaring vocals that rival Thom Yorke. The band’s sound is very unique and I’m excited where they’ll take it next


The Breaking Pattern – There are Roadmaps in Our Veins

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Dubbed by Huffington Post as ‘The Faces of Pheonix‘s Emo Rock Revival movement’, The Breaking Pattern are starting a revolution in young fans. Emo rock had been taking a downward turn after My Chemical Romance‘s departure from the music scene, and  their fan base had been waiting for something to fill this void.

The perfect mixture between Emo and Pop Punk, likened to Real Friends, The Wonder Years, Man Overboard the band are making waves. The new album was also engineered by Cory Spotts, having worked with other esteemed Arizona acts including The Maine, The Summer Set and  BlessTheFall so these guys are in good hands.

The album takes inspiration from a broken heart, with lead track ‘Let Love Go’ (teaser below) is a perfect mix of layering and creative flare. These guys have years of experience and it definitely shows within their technical ability.

The band are set to release a new video within the next few weeks, but you can check out their Youtube here.