Fill your boots with some new music from our Fresh Hit radar!

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How do the weeks fly by so fast? We’re once again back to share some great new music with the world.

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First up it’s Roveena with her power ballad Fly. This smooth yet atmospheric track is pure soulful pop brilliance. With huge vocals, haunting harmonies and soft piano Fly will have you feeling unstoppable. Fly is a cinematic soundscape you won’t want to miss, get ready to be motivated and ready to take on the world after a listen.

Switching it up it’s In The Forest with their Indie-folk track On the Run. This four piece acoustic band harmonises effortlessly to create a vocal blend that is naturally beautiful and purely instinctive. On the Run will have you feeling free as a bird, and ultra relaxed on your weekend. Listen below.

Tacking it up a notch it’s Four Crooks with their stand-out single Black Magic. This track is a driving yet grooving indie-rock track from the four piece. Deep vocals, gritty guitars and a rocking beat leaves us wanting more from this talented foursome. Listen below-

Switching it up for the final track by bringing you a stunning video! These Streets is an accomplished Pop-Rock from Killing Kenny. Accompanied by an emotive and powerful video These Streets is a heartwarming track to soundtrack your weekend. As the UK goes back into lockdown for a second time, Killing Kenny is back to lift our spirits and warm our hearts.

Happy Listening!

Written By: Jessica Rowe

A dose of Fresh hits a day keeps the doctor away!

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That’s right! We’re back with another healthy dose of new music for you to fill your boots with this Friday. A collection of great new tracks you truly don’t want to miss.

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Kicking off our list with a BANG it’s grooving rockers MeMe Detroit with rolling track Mean Rock N Roller. This one is gritty, raw, catchy and guaranteed to get you up and moving on a slow Sunday. Pure Rock brilliance MeMe Detroit are the fearless, female fronted group Music has been missing. Check out the single below.

Next up it’s familiar faces The Kaizens with new release Left Hand Side. These Alt-Indie geniuses are no stranger to the Pop Playlister radar, having firmly established themselves as a band to watch in 2020 these musicians are bursting at the seams with angst, power and true instrumental ability. Left Hand Side is yet another subtly dark track from The Kaizens, a driving yet effortless tune that confirms what we already knew: The Kaizens are the most exciting band emerging onto the Indie scene in 2020.

Third on our list is a powerful single from I.Am.Tru.Starr titled Something’s Gotta Change. Creative, deep and moving Something’s Gotta Change is a statement through music. With elements of soul, Hip-Hop and Jazz I.Am.Tru.Starr’s music is a soundscape of spirit, soul and emotion. Making music in a lane that is truly his own, I.Am.Tru.Starr is one to watch in 2020.

Rounding up our list is EarthWindMud with his smooth Lo-Fi track Speak. The perfect single to relax your mind to, EarthWindMud creates a vibe that it the definition of calming. Speak is the perfect song for your Sunday playlist.

Happy Listening!

Written By: Jessica Rowe

This week’s Fresh Hit Radar is our best lineup yet

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Another Friday, another Fresh Hit Radar feature. This week is really something special, an incredible lineup full of fierce female talent that you’ll find impossible to fault. So, without further delay, let’s dive straight into the music.

Kicking off our list is a debut single from Irish singer-songwriter and vocalist Eiza Murphy. Single Blackhole is Eiza’s first ever release and what a strong start she makes. Emotive, powerful and moving Blackhole is a power ballad that established Eiza Murphy as an incredible songwriter and ethereal vocalist. Eiza Murphy is certainly one to watch in music. Listen to Blackhole below-

Next up is familiar face to the platform Lohrd Snohw with latest track You Look Like A Friend, featuring fellow female talent EM. Light, bouncy and free YLLAF is a feel good track from this fearless duo. Grooving and intriguing this single draws you in and leaves you wanting more. Perfect harmonies, light hearted synths and a busy beat, what more could we ask for? Listen to You Look Like A Friend Now-

Next up it’s Odillia with her pure R&B brilliance single Break It Down. This track is the perfect middle ground between Pop and Hip-Hop, a seamless blend of style that features none other than Snoop Dogg. Break It Down will have you dancing round the kitchen whilst wishing the clubs were open again.

Rounding up our list is the talented EEVAH with Alt-Pop track Apology. With driving guitars, smooth vocals and rising synths Apology is a stunning single that combines all the best elements of Pop, Electro and rock. A true mixing pot of genre that creates a powerful and attitude packed single from the incredible EEVAH. Apology is Pop Playlister’s first introduction to this artist, making EEVAH our favourite new music discovery of the week.

Happy Listening!

Written By: Jessica Rowe

Another dose of Fresh Hits for your playlist

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We’re back with the best new releases that made it on to our radar.

Since it’s a Sunday, we’re slowing it down this week, with a collection of tracks that are smooth, sultry and soulful.

Sit back and let us soundtrack your sunday.

First up it’s Please Don’t Be Me by Jburn and H I P P O. A blend between bedroom pop and smooth rap, this track is the definition of easy listening. Slow yet subtly groovy Please Don’t Be Me has an easy beat sitting under relaxed pianos and witty bars. This single oozes Sunday vibes, take a listen below.

Next up it’s Sally Rose with Hear My Voice. Sally’s deep and sultry vocals are a true pleasure to listen to, blending flawlessly with an indie-rock backing and motivated lyricism. Energetic and vibrant Hear My Voice is a song that demands to be heard. If you need a little push to get up this Sunday, Sally Rose’s Hear My Voice is the perfect tune to get you out of bed.

The third instalment on our Fresh Hit Radar feature is Ever Enough by Kissy. Upbeat, groovy and bouncing this track is a pleasure to listen to. Punchy beats, a groovy bass line and Kissy’s soft vocals make Ever Enough the full musical package. A catchy track that will have you dancing round the kitchen, Ever Enough is a stand-out single for Kissy. Alt-Pop brilliance, Kissy a certainly one to watch for 2020.

Last but by no means least is Sugar Moon by Pixi Ink and krapka;KOMA. This single is soulful, ethereal and heavenly. A fusion of electronic and acoustic soundscapes, combined with soft vocals and heavenly harmonies that make a hauntingly beautiful track. Sugar Moon is a smooth yet moody track and the Pop Playlister team’s top tune of the week. Take a listen.

Happy Listening!

Written By: Jessica Rowe

Alt-Soul Maverick Ang Low reveals visuals for his stunning single Memories

Alternative, Electronic, Soul

Innovator and musical maverick Ang Low has released an official video for his latest track Memories.

Ang Low is a leading light in the Alt-Soul scene, with electro infused tracks that push the boundary of genre and make music that is truly magic.

The visuals for moving track Memories are a stunning choreographed piece of art, showcasing Ang Low’s feverish creativity and imagination. He comments-

“Memories is about losing yourself, bringing yourself back to reality with memories. The things that we try to accomplish in life, the lives we lead, who we say we are is only just a memory in the end. Life sets us on fire and we have nothing but a great memory to keep us going.”

The video oozes quality and originality, an important element to Ang –

“In this industry of hot people doing the same things and looking the same I just wanted to be the oddball. Just wanted to be me. I had to learn the song backwards, walk and choreograph backwards.

We kept throwing out and building ideas until we came up with this. We practiced for 5 weeks getting our angles and shots right. We only did two takes.

We wanted one but the first take I threw my pants at the camera and it turned.. but we finished the take, did another and just combined the two which turned out to look awesome”. 

Weird, wonderful and alien, artist Ang Low is a true innovator to the Alt-Soul genre and an exciting talent breaking through the scene.

Memories is taken from Ang’s new album UP a masterpiece dedicated to oddballs and misfits across the globe. 

The world of Ang Low’s music is pure psychedelic magic. With some of the most intriguing visuals we’ve seen all year, Memories is set to make the electro soul high priest a brilliant success.








Written By: Jessica Rowe

The Fresh Hits you NEED on your radar this week…

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We’re back with another update of our Fresh Hit Radar playlist, if you haven’t already check it out here and give us a follow. We received so many incredible submissions this week it was hard to pick our featuring artists, keep the music coming for a chance to be in next week’s post! 

Kicking off the list is a summer tune from Sonny Lover Boy titled Tropical Planet. The track is bright, grooving and smooth. An instrumental single with a soothing vibe and the perfect tune to soundtrack a slow Sunday afternoon. Sonny Lover Boy is pure lofi brilliance, a talented producer and summery beat maker.

Next is Pop powerhouse India Dupriez with her huge single How. An artist who transcends any single genre with elements of Pop, Indie, Electro and beyond India is truly an artist in her own lane. How is an eerie Pop track, featuring India’s pure toned, powerful vocals, haunting harmonies and sultry synths. The single emanates quality, talent and potential. India Dupriez is definitely one to watch and next up in 2020.

Switching it up with a Folk infused Indie track from Willy Nilly titled Misbehave. Featuring rich harmonies, gritty vocal styles and energetic guitars Misbehave is a bouncing, catchy Indie track. Willy Nilly ooze musical quality and authenticity with an incredibly unique sounding lead singer Misbehave is a great first impression from the band on the Pop Playlister team. We can’t wait to hear more from them.

The Hardest Thing by Sallee is our next addition to the playlist. An Alt-Pop princess hailing from Melbourne Australia but making Music with the potential to go global. The Hardest Thing is a powerful anthem, with Sallee’s soothing vocal style, driving beat and haunting synths. Sallee’s songwriting draws on her real life experiences, Love, success, identity and heartbreak. This young singer songwriter shows great promise.

The final addition to our Fresh Hit Radar post is Madison Olds with anthem Best Part of Me. Electro-Pop at its finest, Best Part of Me is a summer pop tune to roll down the windows and blast out the car on a sunny day. The singer songwriter has set her sights on greatness and is set to become Canada’s next big breakthrough artist.

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

Fresh Music for your Friday, the best tracks we’ve heard this week

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Once again we’re back to give you another dose of Fresh Music for your Friday, a highlight of the Pop Playlister team’s week. We love sharing the best new releases that NEED to be on your playlist.

Kicking off our Fresh Music list this week is the fantastic Kelsey Coleman. Kelsey Coleman is a rising young star, full of raw and authentic talent with a classic Pop style. Just when we thought the track couldn’t get any better, EDM duo Breathe Carolina picked it up for a remix. Making what was already a powerful pop single, a stand-out tune for the summer. We’re very excited to watch Kelsey Coleman succeed.

Now we’re a bit of a tease for this one but we couldn’t resist sharing. Millie Manders & the Shutups are set to release another powerful, striking single Bitter (coming 7th August), a final release ahead of their debut album Telling Truth, Breaking Ties. Millie Manders & the Shutups are pure authentic Punk, full of venom, power and drive. It’s great to see a female led band on the scene, we for one can’t wait for Bitter’s release. Until then fill your boots with Millie Manders & the Shutups ‘The Story’ for a taste of greatness.

Next up is a familiar face to the Pop Playlister team. The talented Lohrd Snohw has already featured on a Fresh Music playlist but she is back with even more great music we couldn’t resist a second mention. Dogs is the latest single from the weird and wonderful Lohrd Snohw, a UK songwriting talent whose vocal style is nothing short of mesmerising. The Pop Playlister team were lucky enough to interview her ahead of the release, keep your eyes peeled for a full feature on the rising star that is Lohrd Snohw.

For the final addition to our Fresh Music playlist we’re slowing it down with Beautiful Disaster by Rachel Chinouriri and SAM DOTIA. A fitting title for the heavenly track, emotive and powerful featuring the stunning vocals of Rachel and Sam respectively. The two make an unstoppable combination, a beautiful track and a striking display of talent.

Happy Listening!

TGIF- Pop Playlister’s Fresh Music Playlist

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We’re back with another Fresh Music Playlist, a curation of some of the best songs we’ve heard this week that we know you’re going to love. 

First up it’s Hollin Kings with 2020 single Hold On, a driving Rock and Roll track that has brought the Ohio rockers to our attention. Hollin Kings have such a classic, authentic sound, with heavy guitars, punchy drums and vocals that ride the instrumentals with ease, rasp and power. Their talent and musical prowess is evident, showing genuine skill, musicality and a rawness that much music has lost. Clean, driving and powerful, Hold On is the kind of single you’re desperate to see played loud and live on stage. 

Next up a track to slow it down and soundtrack a slow Sunday. Waves by Ellis Johnson is a soulful ballad from the Mancunian singer songwriter. Sultry and acoustic, Ellis’ vocals have a pure and easy tone that you want to hear on repeat. A track full of subtle passion and emotion Ellis Johnson has the potential to follow in the acoustic pop footsteps of stars such as Ed Sheeran and James Arthur. 

Our third addition is Lola Young’s smooth and soulful None For You. At just 19 years old Lola Young possesses immense talent in both vocal style, lyricism and spirit. Tipped to be next up in the UK scene it is not hard to see why. The track is full of attitude, presented in the smoothest of manners with Lola’s luscious vocals sitting over smooth piano chords. Lola Young’s potential is palpable.

Shanay Shah’s You Found Me is the next feature on our Fresh Music playlist. Shanay is talent hailing from Mumbai, a multilingual talent who brings a truly refreshing sound to the pop genre. You Found Me features catchy melodies and fuses both an acoustic and electro influence to create a perfect balance between the two. You Found Me has a warm summer vibe, immense commercial potential and demonstrates Shanay Shah’s destiny for pop stardom.

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Bedouin Soundclash Provide Big Brass and Swing-Pop Sounds in ‘Clock-Work’

Alternative, pop

After a nine-year hiatus, Toronto’s Bedouin Soundclash return with brand new single ‘Clock-Work’ alongside the announcement of their London headline show at Borderline.

Recorded in the summer humidity at the mouth of the Mississippi, ‘Clock-Work’ bristles and fizzes with jangling Big Band swing-pop and hints towards a new creative peak with a heavy New Orleans influence. Calling on the iconic Preservation Hall Jazz Band to provide brass, Bedouin tap into the flamboyant tradition of brass band parades and the result is a horn-heavy, jazz-inspired track that draws from its historic surroundings.

Formed in 2001 and named after Israeli dub artist/producer Badawi’s 1996 release, debut album ‘Root Fire’ (2001) received critical acclaim before sophomore album ‘Sounding a Mosaic’ (2004) sent the band global, culminating in a series of sold-out shows and festival appearances around the world. The album featured the smash hit single ‘When The Night Feels My Song’, produced by punk-hardcore royalty Darryl Jenifer of Bad Brains, and the band went on to pick up their first JUNO Award in 2006 for Canada’s Best New Group, along with numerous accolades around Europe.

Follow-up album ‘Street Gospels’ (2007) earned a ‘Pop Album of the Year’ nomination and ‘Video of the Year’ nomination for the single ‘Walls Fall Down’ at the 2008 JUNO’s as well as three Much Music Video Award nominations for their video for ‘Until We Burn in the Sun’ in 2009.

Bedouin Soundclash released their fourth studio album ‘Light the Horizon’ in 2010. Produced by legendary DJ and Philadelphia-based musicologist King Britt, the album included the singles ‘Mountain Top’, ‘Elongo’ and ‘Brutal Hearts’ which featured French-Canadian singer-songwriter Coeur de pirate.

Bedouin Soundclash have toured all over the world and have shared the stage with the likes of No Doubt, Ben Harper, Damian Marley, The Roots, The Interrupters, Gogol Bordello, Bad Brains and Thievery Corporation among many others.

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An Introduction to Jonny Dee’s World of Psychedelic Hip-Hop

Alternative, Hip Hop, Rap

Here at PopPlaylister there are a lot of reasons that we’re a fan of Jonny Dee – partly because his most recent photo-shoot matches our colour scheme so well – but also because his music is pretty amazing. So in case you missed him the last time round, we’re here to catch you up…

So what is psychedelic hip-hop – well, its hard to know where to start. His album The Human Experience, which dropped earlier this year, features so many styles and references its difficult to keep up. The influence of Hendrix is obvious – especially in his psychedelic image, white Stratocaster and even perhaps a reference to the Jimi Hendrix Experience in his album name.

Musically speaking, its no more simple – take a listen to his track The Man Who Fell from the Sky and you hear at once the diverse influences and impressive talent of Jonny Dee – the chorus effected guitar that opens the track sounds like something MacDemarco would be making, but the rhythms sounds more like funk – more 80s. Then you’ve got the synth line which sounds like its straight out of a 90s hip-hop tune and, finally, Jonny’s vocals enter with a flow and darkness that’s not dissimilar to Kendrick. It’s a lot to take in and its impressively done.

Word on the street (or, y’know, our inbox) is that Jonny is soon to release a video – so watch this space – and in the meantime, feast your ears on his latest tracks on Spotify below…