TPP News: The Newest Solution To Music Storage; Tunetables

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Vinyl enthusiasts, we may have just found your new favourite brand. If you’re one of those people who LOVE showing off your record collections and have music spinning all day, you need Tunetables in your life, there’s no question about it. No more heading to the storage room to grab your favourite Talking Heads album from the old school (and not in a good way) shelving unit, and no more feeling guilty about leaving your records in the storage room in the first place!

Nope, Tunetables is about to change your life. The UK-based company takes designs based on classic music-equipment flight cases and turns them into tables that can house your precious vinyl collection. Just imagine – you’ve got an insane-looking table that will definitely be the talking point of your living room that also doubles up as a forever home for your favourite music.

Check out Tunetables below: