Relatable & Raw: Kelsey engages listeners with her genuine approach to music


No gimmicks, no costumes and no glazing over the everyday issues that we encounter, Kelsey’s songs are raw and will engage listeners from all walks of life. Her music has a celestial and delicate feel, transporting the listener to a dream-like state where they can truly resonate with the colloquial nature of her lyrics. This reflects what Kelsey herself looks for in the music she listens to, having stated that she loves music that can mentally captivate her and control and change her emotions.

Get a taste for what Kelsey is like and what her music sounds like from this short documentary!

Kelsey’s music is certainly emotionally driven, thematically encompassing issues such as dealing with depression, love lost, mistakes made and separation from friends. Her track Nobody alludes to the haunting experience of being lost to the memory of a loved one and feeling like a stranger to someone you once knew so well. On a similarly helpless theme, Stay explores the difficulty of being stuck and the inability to leave a dysfunctional and toxic relationship. The enchanting electronic sounds paired with Kelsey’s soulful voice can be likened to pop superstar Halsey, who Kelsey has previously stated as a major inspiration to her music.

Having worked with influential names in the music business, such as producers and writers for big names such as blackbear, BTS, Britney Spears and Lil Wayne – Kelsey is sure to make an explosive debut.

Kelsey’s songs have a genuine and organic sound to them, achieved through writing original music in her bedroom and coffee shops. She begins her musical endeavour just as she propels herself into studying music at NYU Steinhardt.

Kelsey’s music isn’t released yet, but she’s certainly one for the public to keep an eye on before she explodes onto the scene!

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